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by Nick Tumminello


Are you a personal trainer that spends hours programming every week or month, but still feel like your workouts aren’t producing the results that your clients want?


Do you struggle to program workouts around your clients’ aches and pains that get them progressing without doing a whole bunch of boring “corrective” exercises?


Have you read every book and article on program design and periodization, but still feel lost on how to write programs for general population clients that just want to feel better and enjoy their time in the gym?


If so, it’s not your fault. 


There are a ton of resources currently available for trainers to learn how to build programs, but most fall short because they’re usually designed for athletes, powerlifters, or body builders – not the clients that you’re working with 90 percent of the time. You know, the thirty or forty-something client that wants to lose weight but has never trained before and others that actually pay the bills.

That’s because most experts address programming from a general scientific perspective, not a goal-specific one. While they cover basic physiology and discuss the standard scientific principles of exercise and periodization, they fail to offer clear, practical programming instructions you need to be successful.


It’s time that personal trainers gain access to a programming system that simplifies the theory and is heavy on practical solutions.


One that can easily take into account a client’s goals, needs, and preferences and deliver killer training sessions each time.


That’s exactly what Practical Program Design Mastery accomplishes and MUCH MORE!

A New Approach To Learning Program Design For Real Client Scenarios

Most programming resources are either too scientific or not scientific enough. That makes it hard to reconcile the foundational principles of exercise that fitness professionals know to be important while still giving clients the variety and fun they crave.


Additionally, most program design books and manuals are missing the human element of coaching. They teach trainers how to build workouts that make sense on paper but fail to address important components such as preferences, training environment (big box gym, in-home, etc.), and client limitations. These variables can make or break a training career.

Practical Program Design Mastery is the first resource that not only includes these real-world training situations in the creation process, but also expedites the learning process by reverse engineering tried-and-true workouts.


Not only will you get more than a year’s worth of done for you programming including warmups and finishers, but you’ll also get the rationale behind each workout and framework. That means you’ll understand the principles and philosophies of the system, but not be bound by it.


You’re the foremost expert on your clients and now you can combine that knowledge with a proven system to use as a base, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Almost instantly, you’ll be able to deliver better workouts to keep current clients with you for years and attract new long-term prospects.


  • Show you how to build programs that get your clients results while also giving them the variety that they crave so that you can keep them happy for years

  • Teach you how to cater workouts to any and all training environments or circumstances so you’re never caught “off your game”

  • Give you multiple frameworks to deliver training sessions that never get boring while still meeting the needs of the common fitness client with a bum shoulder or bad back

  • Enable you to become the best trainer in your area at working with everyday Joes and Janes so you can have a long, sustainable career


Coach Nick Tumminello has become known as the “Trainer of Trainers” for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest, and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.


He’s an internationally recognized presenter and mentors thousands of trainers through live workshops, mentorship programs, and home-study programs.


Nick is the author of three books (Strength Training For Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Performance, and Your Workout Perfected). Nick has worked with a variety of clients from the NFL and NBA to professional bodybuilders & figure models to exercise enthusiasts of all fitness levels. He also served as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA Fight Team and was the NSCA’s 2016 Personal Trainer of the Year and was a 2015 Personal Trainer Hall of Fame inductee. Nick is the co-author of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Program Design Essentials and Foundations of Fitness Programming guide, is the Editor-in-Chief of the NSCA’s Personal Training Quarterly journal, has produced over 20 courses, is a regular contributor to several major fitness magazines and websites, and is a regular presenter at conferences all over the world.


You’ve likely seen Nick’s work in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Fitness RX, Muscle & Fitness and Personal Fitness Professional. Coach Nick is also a featured contributor to several popular fitness training websites including,,, and


In short, when the best coaches and organizations in the fitness industry want proven, research-backed information, Nick is their trusted resource.

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