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Prepare to redefine your fitness journey with Level 1's introduction to the world of kettlebell training. We'll unveil the captivating history and incredible benefits of kettlebells, equipping you to seamlessly integrate these potent tools into your personal and client's fitness journeys.

Our top priority is your safety, and we'll equip you with essential guidelines to ensure flawless form and injury prevention.

Level 1 is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals of kettlebell training. We'll introduce you to key exercises such as the kettlebell swing, goblet squat, Turkish get-up, and kettlebell press. Each move is meticulously broken down, emphasising precise technique, breathing patterns, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Elevate Your Expertise with Level 2

Take your kettlebell expertise to new heights with Level 2, the advanced extension of Level 1. Building upon your solid foundation, we'll delve into a world of intricate kettlebell exercises and cutting-edge techniques, including the kettlebell snatch, clean and press, windmill, and renegade rows.


We'll guide you step by step through each exercise, focusing on form, mobility requirements, and progressions.

In Level 2, brace yourself for the thrilling realm of dual kettlebell training, adding an exhilarating layer of challenge to test your stability and coordination. Double kettlebell swings, squats, presses, and dynamic complexes await.

To ensure your progress soars, effective programming is key. We'll explore advanced techniques, including periodisation, intensity variation, and specialisation, helping you tailor your training to specific goals, whether it's strength, power, endurance, or more.


  • Master the 4 main lifts: Turkish Get-Up, Swing, Clean, and Snatch.

  • Dive deep into the technique and progressions of these foundational kettlebell movements.

  • Explore a wide range of key strength and motor neuron skill exercises using both single and double kettlebells:

    • Press and push variations (from floor to overhead positions)

    • Row and pull variations

    • Squat variations

    • Lunge variations

    • Stability hold variations

    • Rotational and 3D movement variations (perfect for sports performance)



Full Payment

from RM594.00

Available for:

  • Level 1 + Level 2

  • Level 1 Only

  • Level 2 Only


Functional Training Institute

Functional Training institute (FTI) is a global fitness education company that helps fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers MASTER functional training, movement, and injury prevention.


Founded in 2009 in Sydney, Australia by Tarek Chouja and Daniel Henderson, FTI worked with some of the best movement specialists globally, acquiring a cutting edge education in movement that blends practical knowledge with an evidence-based approach.


FTI eventually became known for innovating the fitness industry with the first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses in Australia under the then, Fitness Australia (now Aus Active).


FTI evolved their movement based concepts to create a unique system around functional training called the Adaptive Functional Training Systems (Adaptive FTS).


Now over 5,000 fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers across 15 countries worldwide have been educated in these unique functional training systems through FTI’s programs that are accredited by international organisations.


FTI continues to help fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers become certified experts in functional training and movement through their TWO flagship programs – Master Functional Trainer and Movement Restoration Coach, and a whole host of certified courses.

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