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Fitness Trainer Certification. Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. Fitness Trainer Certification



Discover the path to coaching excellence with our Master Functional Training certification.

Elevate Your Coaching Career

Distinguish yourself as a true master of Functional Training. And stand out in the competitive coaching landscape.

Achieve Expert Status

Earn recognition as a field expert through our immersive 3-stage MFT certification program. The most comprehensive program available worldwide.

Harness Cutting-Edge Training Models

Gain the expertise to effectively implement the latest training models. And ensuring your clients achieve exceptional results.

Skyrocket Your Clientele

Not only will you become highly skilled. You'll also experience exponential growth in your client base.

Empower yourself to empower others.


Master Functional Training in Three Stages

Stage 1: Knowledge Foundation

  • Unveil the essentials through online modules on a world-class learning platform. Dive into vital topics, including:

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Functional Assessments

  • Functional Mobility

  • Suspended Fitness Training

  • Functional Bag Training

  • Kettlebell Training

  • Battling Rope Training

  • Functional Programming

  • Coaching and Mindset

Stage 2: Hands-On Learning

Choose your preferred path for immersive learning:

  • Option 1: 7 Live-Streamed Virtual Sessions

  • Weekly sessions for 7 consecutive weeks.


  • Option 2: 3 Days Face-to-Face

Stage 3: Mastery Assessment

  • Test your expertise with comprehensive assessments, including:

  • Real-World Case Studies

  • MFT Programming Coaching Assessment

  • Movement Mastery Evaluation



Full Payment



Functional Training Institute

Functional Training institute (FTI) is a global fitness education company. It helps fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers. They learn to master functional training, movement, and injury prevention.


Founded in 2009 in Sydney, Australia by Tarek Chouja and Daniel Henderson. FTI worked with some of the best movement specialists globally. Acquiring a cutting edge education in movement. that blended practical knowledge with an evidence-based approach.


FTI became famous for innovating in the fitness industry. They introduced Australia's first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses. These courses were accredited by Fitness Australia, now known as Aus Active.

FTI developed their ideas on movement-based training. They created a unique system for functional training. This system is known as the Adaptive Functional Training Systems (Adaptive FTS).


More than 5,000 fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers have been educated. They are spread across 15 countries worldwide. They received training in FTI's unique functional training systems. These programs are accredited by international organizations.


FTI keeps assisting fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers. They help them become certified experts in functional training and movement. This achievement comes through two main programs. They are the Master Functional Trainer and the Movement Restoration Co. Additionally, they offer a variety of certified courses.

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